7 thoughts on “HDR Efex Pro

  1. The strong points of this tutorial are that you explained what all the sliders and adjustments are meant to do to an image. I didn’t see where you explained the whole purpose of this plug-in which is to create High Dynamic Range in an image. Usually you’re going to combine two or more of the same image taken at different shutter speeds to capture highlights and shadows and then combine them to create that High Definition. At 7.06 (about) the screen went totally black so I couldn’t see anything any longer, and, unfortunately, I lost interest. I didn’t see any transitions used in Photoshop to create this tutorial. You had some goods stuff, good workflow, but I think the video needs some corrections.


  2. I like the little details, like showing the size of the image, duplicating the layers or how to open the files…that’s neccisary more than you’d think! I did giggle when you said “the blacks are more up,” but I think we all understand what you mean. 😀 Good descriptions of all the presets and I like all your descriptions of the sliders, too. However…it looks like even though you had sound, you lost over a minute of video at the end? The sound is still there, just no screen. Please tell me I’m not crazy and seeing things…


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