Fun With Water!

Say Reciprocity

Well, this might be a touch too cold to do right now, but in my studio lighting class students had an extra credit option to photograph a water balloon mid-explosion (I’ll be posting more examples from studio lighting soon!)…and one of my students went hi-tech, so I decided to give him a shot as a guest writer!  Try this one on for size:

If you want to know how he set it up with a sound trigger, check out his instructions!

What you need:

Camera, pellet/airsoft gun, balloons, support for the water balloons, tripod and a sound trap trigger.

Most of these are pretty east to get a hold of or borrow, but the microphone based shutter release is a bit harder.  I am fortunate enough to have a very cool home made tool for a nintendo DS that links my camera to it via a really long 3pin DIN…

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