Night Photo Gallery

Say Reciprocity

There was some veeeery cool night photography this semester!  I cut it down to 28 images because that’s all I could add in a single post…but there was some really brilliant stuff here.  And if you look, there are a few really fab globes here too, right?  Moua and Archuleta are my main runner ups (winning an awesome credit card lightbulb! and I have a few more goodies for others) with some really awesome globes, and I think Mr. Devol made a really amazing photo and wins the grand prize for light toys! (oooh, ahhhh).   He made four different globes in the sand that are close to perfect, and really pushed it over the top by having this amazing skyline in the back…it looks like a sunrise, but it says it was shot at 10:30 at night!  If you read this, Paul, give a comment.  Do you need to…

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