ND and ND Grad Filters Part 2

The Digital Lightroom

The Filters

Inpart 1 of this series, I spoke about getting the first steps in getting started with Neutral Density (ND) and Graduated Neutral Density Filters (ND Grads). I explained the difference between the circular threaded type of filter and slot in filters and the fact that if you were going to be using slot in filters, you’d need a filter holder and an adapter ring to fit your lens.  In part 2, I’m going to assume you’ve opted for the slot in type (although the information will still be relevant the circular threaded filters) and have acquired your filter holder and adapter ring so are ready to start thinking about the filters themselves.  In this part I’ll be talking about Neutral Density (ND) filters..

Neutral Density Filters

Neutral density filters block light from entering the entire lens as opposed to ND Grads that block light across just part…

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