Acceptable vs Unacceptable Editing Of Photographs

The debate about post processing has been going on since the 1800’s. The great Ansel Adams was one of the great post processors of photography. He went as far as carrying glass plates with beautiful cloud formations on them to add to a blank sky images he captured with his large format land cameras. He burned and dodged in the darkroom to manipulate his images and he was so good at these darkroom techniques you couldn’t tell this was done.

There are basically two types of photographers out there. The Purist claims he gets his/her images right out of the camera with no photo post processing. The 2nd type of photographer uses graphics software like Photoshop to make enhancements to his images out of camera in an effort to perfect the look he/she had when shooting the picture. He/she is as much an artist as a photographer. So who is…

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